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About Moira

Moira is an enthusiastic and friendly personal trainer and online coach based in Brighton & Hove. She has helped people with all types of goals from weight loss, to handbalance, to conditioning for competitive dancers. No matter your goals, Moira will ensure you reach them in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Using a variety of training styles she will help you get the best results and accommodate to your likes and dislikes.


Moira has been in the fitness industry for years and has since been dedicated in researching sports and exercise science. With a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science, Moira has a deep understanding of the human body and uses scientifically proven approaches in her training styles and nutritional guidance.



Moira enjoys a variety of different training styles and uses a combination of weight training, HIIT, crossfit, boxing, gymnastics and handbalance in her own training, as well as having a background in competitive dance and gymnastics.

Having undergone her own transformation over the years she understands the challenges you may face when starting on your fitness journey. That's why we believe supporting you every step of the way and helping you overcome any challenges is an important quality of a good coach.

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