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Your journey starts here

Your journey starts here

Moira Elli Olivotou 

Personal Training

Are you ready to take the first step to a fitter, more confident you?

Training Styles

We all have different goals in mind so it's important to work with a coach who understands and is experienced in all types of training. Whether you are interested in a specific type of training only or you want a combination of all, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Take a look at just some examples of the types of training we offer below. 

Our Methods
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& Strength

Looking to get stronger or improve your physique? This is the style of training for you. Whether you want to increase your overall physical and mental strength or have more specific goals in mind; be it getting your first pull-up, or a new deadlift PR, achieve your goals while building muscle, losing fat and feeling more confident in the process!

Functional Training

Improve your overall fitness and become a more functional athlete. This style of training teaches you to move more efficiently and always be prepared for action with a combination of movements taken from weightlifting, crossfit, HIIT and bootcamp training.

Mobility & Flexibility

Being flexible and mobile allows you to perform better both during exercise and in your day-to-day life, reduces the risk of injury and improves posture. Stretching is an incredibly important aspect of fitness  yet a lot of us tend to neglect it. With a combination of passive and active stretching techniques we will be able to free you of any tightness and even do the splits!


Interested in learning or improving your handstands? We can teach you the correct way to maximise your time upside down and avoid injuries. Beginner to intermediate level.*

*Not part of a PT package. Please contact us for further details.

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